Favorite Web Links

Nard Inc - Very cool and some of this was created in my basement.
Libby Reid - Wonderful cartoonist who created some early Escheresque tessellelations with the Silicon Mirror.
Fractint - Open source fractal generation software.
Tiled backgrounds created by Lynn at flickr.com
Search for "silicon mirror" at flickr.com
Search for "silicon mirror torpor" at google images

Some of my favorite music is from Chris Zabriskie and his band lo-fi is sci-fi .

Youtube channel for torpor videos - Tutorials and Spectrum Shift examples. Weirdness
Youtube channel for funemployment radio - Podcasters who help me get through my day. Silly, but in a good way.
Pixies at Coachella  Pixies at Coachella

Elliott Smith with Quasi at the Reading Festival, England 1998-08-29 Elliott Smith with Quasi at the Reading Festival, England 1998-08-29 .

 Thee Quasi on Facebook.

Quasi youtube channel.

Current Torpor work in progress